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Individual Counseling

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Individual Counseling

We’ve all had days when we feel down in the dumps and just don’t want to do anything. Sometimes, things just seem dull and draining, and we don’t want to engage even in our favorite activities. However, when this becomes a pattern that you’re just unable to shake off, it’s time for professional help.

Online individual counseling services at Serene Minds Counseling Services can help individuals struggling with several mental issues while helping them lead better lives. Get in touch with us if you reside in Redlands, Rancho Cucamonga, or Southern California to learn more about how we can help.

At Serene Minds Counseling Services, your mental wellbeing is our priority.

You don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental illness or have experienced life-altering events to seek therapy. Everyone can benefit from individual, one-on-one counseling sessions and use the opportunity to improve their mental wellbeing. Each individual has their own specific challenges, struggles, fears, or insecurities that they need to address, and talking to a licensed mental health counselor goes a long way in tackling these issues.

At Serene Minds, we offer online individual counseling sessions to help our clients heal from past experiences, resolve ongoing personal struggles, and attain greater self-awareness.

Here’s how it works:

Process of Treatment

Knowing that you need to speak to a professional counselor isn’t enough. You also need to take that first leap of faith and reach out to our team. If the idea of reaching out to us overwhelms you, have a trusted friend or family member do it for you and get the necessary details you want.

Once you’ve made the call, it’s time to book your initial appointment. It’s important to note that you’re unlikely to walk out of your first therapy session feeling as if your life has changed. The first appointment is an introductory session of sorts, and is a learning step for you as well as your counselor. Be candid, try to feel at ease, and let the client-counselor relationship take its course.

As you continue with your sessions, you’ll realize that there are several different ways of looking at an issue. You may also be surprised to hear yourself talking about things you didn’t originally or consciously plan on talking about. This is part of the counseling process. Trust it, and work with your counselor to identify and address different issues.

If your counselor feels that it’s time to conclude the regular counseling appointments, it should be done in a professional manner. You’ll be asked to attend a final counseling session and schedule follow-up meetings to make the cycle end amicably and more effectively.

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