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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Counseling Services.

Psychotherapy or talk therapy is a method of treating mental disorders by helping patients understand the root cause and triggers of their illness. The treatment provides them with strategies and tools that help them deal with unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and ensure a stress and anxiety-free life.

Anxiety is a physical and psychological reaction to a threat that you believe will occur. In small doses, anxiety is beneficial. It can keep us safe and focus our attention on issues that need to be taken care of. But when anxiety is too excessive or occurs too often, it becomes overwhelming and debilitating. It takes over your life, and a cycle begins that is difficult to cope with without mental health intervention.

Depression is a mental health condition that may include a persistent feeling of sadness, loss, or general lack of pleasure with life. The feelings of sadness may cause an individual to feel hopeless, lost, and in severe cases, suicidal. Depression may have many causes, from biological to psychological factors. A contributing factor to depression are underlying medical conditions. At Serene Minds, we utilize a cognitive behavioral approach to help individuals determine root causes and triggers and return our clients to healthier functioning.

The therapeutic alliance is defined as the helping relationship between a healthcare professional and a client. It is how a therapist and client hope to engage with each other and affect beneficial change (Wikipedia, 2019). At Serene Minds Counseling Services, we place great value on this alliance. We believe that this is the foundation for trust and the ability to do great work. The alliance cannot be forced. Our goal is to ensure you feel safe and assured that privacy and confidentiality are vital elements that secure a strong client-therapist relationship.

At Serene Minds, we are constantly reviewing financial resources to serve the needs of our growing community. We accept various insurance plans and offer self-pay options for private-pay clients.