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Healing Minds And Hearts One Step At A Time

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the lives of so many people. For many people, it seems like a nightmare with new challenges everyday which can make it quite overwhelming and frustrating for them to lead normal lives.

Apart from the issues brought forth by the pandemic, for many people, their lives have taken unexpected turns which can make even the most high-functioning individuals vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issue. The rates of anxiety and depression in the country have skyrocketed in the past year and more than half of the population in the U.S. is struggling with stress and depressive symptoms.

The good news is that you’re not alone and at Serene Minds Counseling services we can help and support you through each step of the process of creating a better life and overcoming mental health issues.

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Dr. Rebecca Mubvakure


Our Story

Graduating with my master’s degree in counseling psychology from National University, I established Serene minds as a reflection of the eagerness that I possessed to create a mental health establishment that could heal traumatic wounds and create a positive space in the world.

With nearly seven years of experience, and more than 4200 hours of training, I am humbled by the amazing directors, doctors, professors, supervisors, and brilliant professionals that have modeled excellence, and encouraged me to establish a dynamic practice that embodies who I am as a Therapist.

I am Licensed with the state of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist and have been authorized to work with individuals, couples, and families.

My goal is to create an experience for each client which promotes personal autonomy, growth, and long-term change. I have established Serene Minds as a diverse corporation with an open-minded philosophy that believes in respecting all people.

We consider ourselves supporters of all minority groups, sexual orientations, and disability status. Our goal is to heal any person with a heartbeat and a willingness to feel better. We look forward to guiding you to the next phase of your life’s journey.

Our Innovative And Individualized Treatment Is Customized According To The Needs Of Every Patient.

Our foundational therapeutic approach is focused around cognitive-behavioral or CBT. The magic of CBT is its ability to restructure unhealthy thoughts and cognitive functioning. The long-term success of CBT can even be more effective than psychotropic medications and is also safer in comparison.

We begin by exploring the relevant history and relationship patterns of each patient to develop a sound treatment plan and a clear direction for their treatment.

While CBT is foundational, we do not believe in one size fits all treatments and cookie-cutter therapy programs. We enjoy the process of meeting our clients where they are and empower them by giving them the controls to become the captain of their voyage.

It is vital to learn who you are, what triggers you and causes mental health issues such as your anxiety and stress symptoms, and the direction you visualize for your life.

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