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We Offer Various Effective Therapies And Counseling Services To Cater To The Different Needs Of Our Clients

At Serene Minds, our inclusive treatment plans cater to the needs of couples, individuals, families, as well as adolescents dealing with a range of issues from sudden life changes and relationship stuff to mental health problems. These issues need to be resolved as they can affect relationship dynamics, communication, and other aspect of life, lowering the quality of life of an individual. Mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression don’t discriminate and can greatly impact the functioning of any person.

Our inclusive and effective counseling services include:
Individual Counseling

Our one-on-one sessions are conducted to ensure the individual feels safe and is able to share the issues...

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Family Counseling

We respect the privacy and personal autonomy of each person and provide comprehensive family...

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Couples Therapy

Every couple goes through problems and our counseling sessions are designed...

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In- Clinic Sessions

We offer in-person session by request when safe and remote sessions are problematic.

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Remote Sessions

we offer remote sessions utilizing HIPPA compliant communication technology utilizing Clock tree or sessions via psychology today

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