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Family Counseling

Reconnecting ties and restoring familial bonds. Online Family Counseling Book Appointment Reconnecting ties and restoring familial bonds. Online Family Counseling Book Appointment

Family Counseling

Every family has its fair share of disagreements and fights. However, if it reaches a point that you strongly resent the company of your kin or want to cut off ties, you need to seek family therapy services. Similarly, if your home environment is always tense because of one or more family members, or you want to make amends with a loved one, family counseling is for you. It can also help your family process a particularly traumatic event you all experienced collectively.

Connect with us if you’re looking for marriage counseling services or family therapy services in Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, Redlands, and Highland, CA.

At Serene Minds Counseling Services, we care about your relationships with those closest to you.

Even the happiest-looking families tend to have underlying issues. Instead of comparing your family with your perceived “perfect family” ideal, it’s best to address your own family’s issues together as a unit. This will help you repair ties and attain a better understanding of each other.

At Serene Minds, we offer effective online family counseling sessions to help our clients heal from their experiences and make peace with their loved ones.

Here’s how it works.

Process of Treatment

Your family issues won’t just disappear if you try not to think about them. To make actual progress, you need to seek professional assistance and reach out to our team, even if the thought feels a little scary or uncomfortable.

Having received all the necessary details from our team, you then need to make an appointment. Our counselor will guide you on what to expect from the first session and how many family members need to be present for it.

Group counseling sessions involving the relevant (or all) family members are your chance to express your feelings and say things to them that you haven’t been able to say before. You can only work through the issues once you’d identified them and put them out in the open.

When it’s time to conclude the family counseling sessions, our counselor will help all parties create and maintain respectful boundaries. You may also be asked to attend follow-up sessions in the future.

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